About Me, Trish Unger

Enjoying chocolate since 2011

How I discovered BIE

After the birth of my third son, who had multiple food and environmental sensitivities, eczema, asthma, and anaphylaxis I began a long and frustrating journey seeing many doctors and holistic health practitioners searching for solutions which finally lead me to BIE. BIE started making a huge positive difference in his health; his skin has cleared up, his asthma is under control and he can now eat all foods without symptoms. It has literally changed my family’s life.


My favourite success story

I used to avoid chocolate like the plague… even though it would call my name and I wanted to enjoy the chocolately goodness oh so bad.

After my first BIE session I took a chance and bit into some dark chocolate that was staring at me for way too long. I waited for the horrible migraine aftermath that I would normally get. But nothing. I was overjoyed and am happy to report I still eat it pretty much every day!


My Creditentials

I have a BA in Psychology and had practiced as a Childbirth Educator, Fitness Instructor and Birth Doula for 16 years in my first business.

I’ve studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Institute of Natural Health Technologies to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Registered BIE Practitioner.

With my husband we are raising three awesome teenage sons which is WAY more fun than I could have imagined. I love playing with my puppy, cooking, canning, meditation, and the moon.

I have been practicing BIE since 2011 and have helped my own family as well as many happy families in Waterloo Region to energize and optimize their health.

The best and most efficient healing process is within your own body.