What is Body Talk?

Pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Body Talk is a consciousness based health care modality. We believe the body contains all the information and abilities to heal itself on all levels. It is the only modality I know of that explores the belief systems, thoughts, and emotions behind our physical suffering. We address health challenges by treating the bodymind complex as a whole (body, mind, and spirit).

It is so uplifting to get those “a-ha” moments for both my clients and myself; I am shocked and inspired daily at the profound opportunities for healing that Body Talk offers.

How does stress affect your body?

 We know that each system, cell, and atom of the body is in constant communication with each other via energy circuitry.  Stress can compromise this circuitry and create a breakdown in communication within the bodymind complex. Since the physical body is affected by thoughts, emotions, and belief systems as well as the general environment it makes sense that stress about finances, grief over loss of a loved one, or worry about your child can all cause disruptions in your energy circuitry and miscommunication between elements of the body.  When we have body parts that no longer talk to each other we get symptoms. The role of the Body Talk Practitioner is to collect information about the breakdown in communication within the client’s bodymind complex and then rely on the client’s innate wisdom to bring about the healing changes.  

How does healing happen?

We all possess innate wisdom, that part of our consciousness that knows what is going on in the body. How do the cells of an embryo know where to go and what to become? How does a cut on our finger know how to heal? This is the innate wisdom of the body and it is always talking to us (ie. pain, itching, nausea). Body Talk Practitioners tap into the innate wisdom of the client to reveal their story and help release emotional holdings and belief systems that are dysfunctional to shift the symptoms and facilitate the in-born tendency for self healing. To do this we use a form of biofeedback, a subtle muscle reflex technique, to highlight the essential information needed for healing with priority and sequence based formulas. Then, a combination of light contact, tapping, and breathing facilitate the changes required for the body to heal itself.

Body Talk sessions are offered in person or you can book a distance session. Distance sessions are held either over video or phone depending on your preference.