Prenatal, Baby + Lifestyle Nutrition

We will work together to create a custom nutrition plan that is best for you!

No matter if you’re growing a mini me on the inside or out or just wanting to live a healthy and vibrant life, nutrition plays a huge role in the kind of life you and your baby will have.



I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and I’m here to help you and your littles.


Select a program below that is a perfect fit for you!

PRENATAL POWER: Nutrition for Pregnancy

Prenatal Power: Nutrition for Pregnancy

Did you know your birthing method and early feeding choices can affect your baby’s health for a lifetime?

We can’t always control how our birth happens but we can optimize our baby’s immune system starting at day one if we know what they need. It all starts with the gut! I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & BIE Practitioner and I’m ready to discuss your gut bacteria and how an imbalance is linked to asthma, allergies, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. You can make some little shifts during pregnancy, labour and birth, and the first years to optimize your baby’s health and dramatically change their immune function.

Ready to kick start your babies health?

BABY FOOD FRENZY: Starting Solids

Baby Food Frenzy: Starting Solids

Which solids will you start your baby on and when will you do it?

Should you spoon-feed or try baby-led weaning?

There is so much conflicting advice out there which can overwhelm the busy parents who want to do best for their baby. I’m ready to discuss your baby’s digestive and immune system function and how to optimize it with your feeding choices and supplementation with super foods. I’m an expert on food sensitivities and which signs to look for. Gain confidence with moving forward into making healthy habits for a lifetime for your family.

Start making healthy habits for your little ones.

LIFESTYLE NUTRITION: There’s a plan for everyone

Lifestyle Nutrition: there’s a plan for everyone

Are you confused about what to eat in order to be healthy and vibrant?

The advice out there is overwhelming! While I do not believe there is one diet every person should subscribe to, I do believe a whole foods diet is the way to go. Counting calories and grams of fat is not helpful and can cause guilt and stress. What if you just ate REAL food? I can help you with this. Whether you want to make little changes over time, do a 14 day reset, or go hard core and take on The Whole 30 I will support you as we take this journey together. Maintain a healthy weight, feel better in your body, regulate your hormones, and gain valuable energy. Good digestion and helping people poop are my specialties. Let’s do this!

Today is the day you can have a healthy and vibrant live!