What is BodyTalk?

Pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Your history has shaped you but it doesn’t have to define you.

What if you could release:

  • old stories, traumas, limiting beliefs, worn-out thought patterns

  • stuck unprocessed emotions

  • distorted perceptions of yourself or the world

  • the masks you wear that tell you how to act, how to look, and who to be in order to be accepted and loved

  • the constant comparison and judgement of yourself and others

  • people pleasing or putting others needs before your own

  • control of yourself, of others, of outcomes

  • resentment, bitterness, shame, fear, anxiety

  • porous boundaries

  • pain or disease

What are you ready to let go of?

Let’s talk about light bulbs…

Imagine a light bulb shining brightly for all to see. Now imagine that each of the qualities listed above represent layers of black paint covering this light bulb resulting in the light becoming dimmer and dimmer until it becomes so covered up it doesn’t even know it is a light anymore. It is lost and feels separate and forgotten. Who or what is that lightbulb?

Was it your spark, your inner pilot light, your soul, your authentic self? Are you curious? Who might you be under those layers of paint? What is possible for you? Can you imagine a new potential? What do you have to LOSE?

BodyTalk offers the opportunity to shift how you perceive yourself and the world around you. It chips away at what has narrowed your potential. It is about creating adaptability and harmony with your internal and external environment and improving communication within the bodymind complex.

What if you could perceive a new potential?

I strongly believe in the innate wisdom and capacity of our bodies to self-heal. I have witnessed this in myself; how differently I feel, think, and believe. Worn-out default modes are falling away and allowing my real self to shine though. 

Everyday, I am honoured and awestruck to witness these shifts with my clients.  Shifts such as improved energy levels, better sleep, optimized digestion, clearer thinking, healthier skin, reduced stress & anxiety, less pain or tension, and a deeper understanding of themselves. 

BodyTalk only requires curiosity, openness to a new potential for health, and a witness to observe this potential within you.

This is why I am here – to be your witness; to help drop in a new frequency of health; to help you peel those layers of paint off your lightbulb and let your light shine brightly again.