What is BIE?

The question that everyone asks.
Read on to find out!


Due to increasing demand for both BodyTalk and the Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage, I am no longer taking new BIE clients effective January 1, 2023. I will still be available for follow up BIE sessions for clients who have seen me in the past.

Thank you SO much for all your referrals and your business. You will still find me doing BodyTalk and Lymphatic Drainage sessions so I invite you to check out these powerful modalities!

Every substance in the universe vibrates with its own unique vibrational frequency referred to as an electromagnetic fingerprint or “signature”. When exposed to a specific substance, the body will either recognize its signature or it won’t.


For example, let’s talk about the frequency of egg.

If egg is recognized by the body it is properly digested and assimilated and results in no negative symptoms. If the frequency of egg is not recognized the body perceives it as a threat and will reject it resulting in various symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, eczema, acne, or migraines. It is the body’s way of telling you it is under attack.

Using muscle checking we can easily and painlessly determine which frequencies your body does and does not recognize by testing your muscle strength when exposed to a signature frequency stored in little glass vials.

Introducing the frequency

Once we discover your stressors we use a special patented instrument, the GSR-120 unit, which will reintroduce the signature frequency of eggs (not the actual egg itself), back into your body in order for it to recognize them. Once recognized, it can then differentiate whether it’s good or bad, harmful or non-harmful and deal with it accordingly. This allows for healing and consequently the body alleviates its own suffering.

Purpose of BIE

The purpose of BIE (Bioenergetics) is not to raise the body’s tolerance level to a given substance, nor does it alter the cell’s biological functioning in any way. It simply reintroduces the signatures of the stressors back to the body in order for it to be able to naturally adjust itself, by any means possible to function optimally.

Let me help your body activate its own natural healing capacity.