I get it. You feel like you’ve tried everything…

Let’s work together to energize your health.

 BodyTalk offers you the opportunity to shift how you perceive yourself and the world around you.  It is about creating adaptability and harmony with your internal & external environment and improving communication within the bodymind complex. It is whole body, consciouness-based health care.

What if this is possible for you?

  • mental calm 
  • restful sleep
  • full energy and vitality
  • digestive ease
  • healthy skin
  • clear sinuses 
  • mental focus and clarity
  • emotional resilience
  • reduced pain and tension
  • joy and peace
  • more self compassion

Light Seekers Series - Group Sessions

Group BodyTalk sessions bring together open minded individuals with a common goal or purpose. Group sessions can be more powerful because they are amplified by the shared experience and observations of the larger group. My new Light Seekers Series is a super charged monthly healing session for those wishing to become more of who they are meant to be. It is a profound opportunity for healing on both a personal and collective level. The intention of the Light Seekers Series (LSS) is to support you in revealing your inner light and capacity for self healing. As you step more toward your authentic self and allow your light to shine this ripples out into the community and beyond. The LSS is offered twice a month; one offering has a preset topic (Topic Tuesday at 12pm) and the other is open to the infinite possibilities for those who gather (Wildcard Wednesday at 7:30pm). Think of this as an expansion pack for your mind!

Group sessions are more accessible financially and logistically since they are offered on Zoom from the comfort of your own environment. Private in-person group sessions are available on request. 

Imagine a new potential for your health and vitality.